Cabinet and Political Affairs Department


The Department is the key organ of Government that assists the Secretary to the State Government in coordinating activities of the Government and provide conducive atmosphere for effective implementation of Government policies. The Department is responsible for appointment of Political Office holders, provide Office accommodation, furniture and equipment as well as vehicles to political Office holders for their smooth operations. It is also responsible for renting accommodation for Government Offices and residential purposes.


Under the department are the following sections:-

Personnel Management

It deals with personnel matters, Office accommodation, vehicles, furniture and equipment.

Political Section

It handles all politically related issues, monitors Government policies, issues related to Nigeria/Niger and Benin Boarders /co-operation matters.

Executive Council Division

It serves as the Secretariat of the State Executive Council for its weekly meetings and other politically motivation correspondences. The members includes all Hon. Commissioners.

State Pilgrims Welfare Agency

The Agency is headed by a Chairman and its main function is to prepare, organize and coordinate Muslims and Christians annual pilgrimages to Saudi Arabia and Jerusalem respectively for the state registered intending pilgrims. The Agency is responsible for contact with National Hajj body and all other agencies at State level, Saudi Arabia or Jerusalem to ensure successful Hajj operations. It is responsible for the collection of Hajj deposit from intending pilgrims.

Department of Religious Affairs

The Office of the Religious Affairs is headed by a Special Assistant to oversee Zakkat and Sadaqah collection and distribution Board, Preaching Board, Moon sighting as well as State and Local Government Hisbah Committees.

Kebbi State Emergency Management Agency

The Agency is under the Office of the Secretary to the State Government established to manage the occurrence of disasters that would meet the needs of the people affected.
  • To notify the State Government of any disaster occurrence in the State.
  • Provide quick response to areas affected.
  • Collect emergency relief supply from individuals, organizations, institutions, State and Local Governments, NGOs and international Agencies.
  • Carry out disaster management activities in the State.
  • Distribution of emergency relief to the affected area(s).
  • Co-ordinate the activities of all voluntary organizations that engaged in the emergency operations in all parts of the State.
  • Assess the extent of damage by disaster.
  • Liaise with the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) for the purpose of procuring relief assistance for victims of disaster in the State and resettlement of such victims.
  • Receive, resettle rehabilitate refuges (IDP) and international Refigures in their respective Local Government Areas.

Tenders Board

Serves as the Secretariat of the State Tenders Board that is responsible for the award of Government contracts.

Office of the SSG

A Director is attached to the Office to assists him in handling mails, files, briefs and other official matters.

Liaison Offices

Kebbi State, through Cabinet and Political Affairs department maintains four Liaison Offices at Abuja, Kaduna, Sokoto and Lagos respectively. The Offices are responsible for Liaising with Federal Government Ministries and other Agencies on behalf of the State and assisting Government Functionaries on official assignment to such places which are headed by Liaison Officers who are posted from the Office of the Head of Civil Service.

Kebbi State Development Appeal Fund

The Board is constituted by appointed members of Board of Trustees headed by the Chairman and members that would run the affairs of the Board.

Residential and Offices Accomodation

Top Government Functionaries not residing in their personal houses are usually accommodated in State Executive Quarters including some Chief Executives of Federal Agencies. It is responsible for allocation, maintenance and furnishing of the quarters. It is also responsible for provision of rented accommodation as the case may be.

Standing Committee

The Office is responsible for the constitution Committees both standing and adhoc to facilitate the successful implementation of Government policies. Similarly, the office also oversees the activities of Northern Governors Forums, Nigeria Governors Forum and other issues relating to Bilateral and multilateral co-operations among countries. There are also a number of standing Committees that operates through this office. Such as:-
  • State Boundary Commission:- Which is responsible for the resolution of border conflicts and proper boundary demarcation i.e Nigeria/Benin and Nigeria/Niger for easy identification of boundary between the affected countries for the maintenance of peace and order
  • Northern Governors Forum:- A meeting of the forum is periodically convened in Kaduna to discuss issues of mutual interest especially related to the Northern Nigeria Development Commission (NNDC) and that of common interest. The Chairmanship of the meeting rotates amongst the States. The Secretary to the State Government usually accompanies the Governor to such meetings.
  • Kebbi State Bilateral Agreement for Coorporation:- Kebbi State and Dosso in Niger republic acting under the auspices of the Nigeria/Niger Joint commission entered into a bilateral co-operation agreement to foster economic, trade and social co-operation and established committees, namely Technical and Boarder Security Committees which holds meetings periodically.

Mission & Vision

To ensure effective service delivery to the teeming populace through speedy policy implementation.


Here is our team that is responsible for putting together the business strategy and ensuring the day-to-day object of the department;


Secretary to the State Government


Permanent Secretary


Director Finance


Director Personnel


Gwadangaji Secretariate, Birnin Kebbi, Kebbi State.

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