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The Ministry of Information and Culture plays an important role in the affairs of the state and acts as the official mouthpiece of government. In line with its traditional roles as the main publicity organ of the government, it initiates, produces and runs all publicity and public enlightenment activities on development programmes with a view to uplifting the image of government within and outside the state. In addition to being the supervising Ministry on the operations of the two state’s media houses, (Kebbi Radio and Television) being the parastatals of the Ministry, it is also responsible for the liaising with other national media with a view to ensuring fair and equitable reportage of the state in public relations, aimed at protecting the good image of the state. Thus, the Ministry serves as image maker of the government of the day.
Other functions of the Ministry include: promotion, preservation and presentation of the cultural heritage of the people of Kebbi State.

Organisational Structure

In order to effectively carryout the aforementioned functions and activities, the Ministry is divided into seven departments and two parastatals, Viz; Kebbi Radio and Kebbi Television. The Ministry is headed by Hon. Commissioner as Chief Executive and Permanent Secretary as head of administration and accounting officer while each department is headed by a Director. Each parastatal is headed by a General Manager under one governing council.
The lists of the departments are as follows:-
  1. Department of Personnel Management.
  2. Department of Finance & Supply
  3. Department of Information
  4. Department of Culture
  5. Department of Planning, Research & Statistics
  6. Department of History Bureau
  7. Department of Printing

Information Department

The department is responsible for the general information management on behalf of state government.
It is the arm of the Ministry that co-ordinates all publicity programmes and provides regular press coverage and public address services at all government functions. Production of the annual official calendar and diaries is equally an important aspect of the department.
The department is organized into six units, namely:-

Press Section

This section deals with all the ministry publications that are related to news and news pegged material.

Publication Section

This section produces all the publication such as Books pamphlets, calendars, diaries, almanac, Biographies etc. It is the custodian of all information about Kebbi State, its people, Environment, Economy, social life etc.

Public Enlightenment & Maintenance Department

This unit is responsible for provision of public Address system during governmental and non-governmental functions, mobilization and public enlightenment. It maintains electrical and electronics of the Ministry.

Photography Unit

This unit is responsible for taking photographs of government activities for use in newspapers and other publications of the Ministry or other media organizations.

Graphic Art Unit

The function of this unit is to design the Ministry’s annual calendar, diaries, almanacs, books and other publications. This unit is also responsible for designing of signboards, billboards, banners, stickers, posters and other compugraphic productions of the Ministry.

Extra Activities

This department is involved in the planning and execution of various programmes introduced to the state by international Agencies such as United Nations population fund (UNFPA) UNICEF, NPI, and SACA etc.

Department Culture

This Department is solely responsible for the promotion, preservation and presentation of the cultural heritage of the people of Kebbi State.
These are carried out through Research, publications and documentation, visual Arts and performing Arts section. Thus, the functions/responsibilities of the cultural department include the following:
  • Field research
  • Documentation of cultural records after the collection of such data or records.
  • Guiding the researchers on the cultural heritage of the people of the State.
  • Organizes cultural enlightenment programmes.
  • In charge of promotion of Arts and Crafts in the State.
  • Directly responsible for Arts and Crafts Exhibitions in collaborations and cooperation with craftsmen/women.
  • In charge of Art Gallery at the headquarters and souvenir shop. - Organizes, coordinates and supervises all cultural performances by the state cultural troupe.
  • Coordinates and supervises the activities of private cultural groups and artistes during public functions and public enlightenment/ sensitization campaigns.


Mission & Vision


Here is our team that is responsible for putting together the business strategy and ensuring the business object of the ministry;


Honourable Commisioner


Permanent Secretary


Director of Information


Director Planning


Director of Culture


Director Finance


Director Personnel


Director of Printing


Director History


General Manager KBTV


General Manager kebbi Radio


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